House Cleaning Services in Bothell

When it comes time for you to hire Bothell cleaning service for the house cleaning in Bothell, you are going to want to trust reputable professionals. The team that you can count on for all of this is our team here at Euro Clean Agency. We have been providing reliable and effective solutions for many years. We have also been focusing on getting the work done in a timely and effective manner. We like to provide our clients with solutions that they can trust. As such, our team is going to provide your home with an exceptional cleaning service that is going to leave everything sparkling clean. It is also going to leave your house smelling fresh as well.

From our honest and courteous staff, to our expert training in European cleaning techniques, you can count on Euro Clean Agency to provide a superior home cleaning service. Euro Clean is a locally owned and operated full service house cleaning agency. We offer one-time or regularly scheduled services for our clients. Our staff is fully trained and equipped to handle the toughest or most delicate cleaning requirements. We offer the best quality at the best price.

Our European Cleaning ensures you get the best cleaning possible while we take extra special care for your delicate and expensive finishes and furnishings. We truly believe your home is your castle – we work with you to keep it in royal shape. Our maids arrive on time and prepared with all of the equipment and supplies required to leave your home in sparkling for your enjoyment.

House Size

Whether you live in a large single-family home, or whether you live in a small apartment, you will be able to hire our professionals for the cleaning service that you want we have been able to work in all kinds of properties. This means that we know how to distribute the workload in order to get the job done efficiently, yet effectively. We are professionals who like to focus on results, and we are going to be able to provide you with a solution that you can trust. We are also going to ensure that the work we do for you is going to be reliable for all of the weeks to come.

Cleaning Occurrence

We are going to be able to come by your home for a one-time cleaning service, or we are going to be able to come to your property for recurring cleaning services, no matter what the circumstances are, we are going to nurse that you get results that you can fully enjoy. We are also going to nurse that the work we do for you is going to be able to cover all of the other cleaning tasks that you may not like to do. When we come by for recurring cleaning services, we are always going to be able to pick up where we left off and leave your property in a wonderful condition.

Trustworthy Workers

Our team has been offering home cleaning in Bothell for many years, and throughout that time, we have been able to build an impressive reputation for ourselves. We know the importance of providing reliable and effective services. Therefore, we are going to be able to provide you with results that you can count on. We are also going to be able to ensure that the work we do for you is going to be able to last longer than a day.

Cleaning Supplies

When we come to your property, we are going to bring all of the supplies that we need in order to get the work done. You are not going to need to worry about trying to do this all on your own. Our team is going to be able to handle a large portion of the work for you. We are going to pinpoint the best way to get the job done, and we are also going to ensure that we use dependable supplies.

We provide the following Services

The following house cleaning duties are performed each visit:

Extra Cleaning Tasks

At a reasonable additional charge
Change Linens
Inside of refrigerator cleaned
Inside of oven cleaned
Silver & Brass polishing
Plant Watering

Contact Us

When you are ready to discuss house cleaning rates in Settle, and when you are prepared to explore options for home cleaning services in Bothell, make sure you get in contact with our team of professionals. We know the best way to provide cleaning services throughout Bellevue WA., and the surrounding area. There are a lot of personal and professional commitments on your plate, and you are not going to want to stress out about handling everything in addition to cleaning your property. That is why you are going to want to get in contact with our team and hire us to get the cleaning done for you.